Application Form

  • Terms and Conditions

    • I am happy for my contact details to be given to my daughter’s Polyphony Tutor
    • I understand If a teacher is unable to attend a lesson the time will either be made up, or a refund will be given.
    • I understand that is my child is unable to attend a lesson, no refund will be given except in the case of a JCG/JCP organised activity in which case the student/parent must give their tutor or the Polyphony administrator 72 hours written notice. This can be by email to [email protected]
    • I understand that in the event of school closure due to inclement weather or other conditions beyond our control, a refund will not be given.
    • I understand that JCG will invoice me termly in advance and lessons will not continue if payment is not received by the due date. A 10% surcharge will be added to late payments.
    • I understand that if I wish to cancel tuition I am required to give half a terms notice. Notice can be given by email to [email protected]
    • I understand that if my child attends JCG, Polyphony is not able to accommodate requests for my child to not be withdrawn from certain curriculum lessons. The exception to this would be where class exams are scheduled and the usual 72 hours written notice will be required.
    • I understand that lessons will be scheduled throughout the school day on a rotating timetable. We unable to accommodate requests to have lessons only coincide with break and lunch times.